Vzaar vs. Cincopa – Video Platform Comparison

Commercial websites that display video content require advanced video solutions, which cannot be found among the free video services such as YouTube and Vimeo. When it comes to business, every detail matters. First and foremost is the performance. Internet users are not a very patient crowd; therefore, long uptime, buffering and freezing are unacceptable. Additionally, a video player should match the website design and be available to all users, anywhere, anytime and on any device. Business owners should be able to brand their videos and promote them through social channels for marketing purposes, as well as, capable of editing and managing the galleries easily, without changing the embed code.
Cincopa and Vzaar are reliable online video platforms that provide all the aforementioned features and many other advanced options and services including professional support, statistics and security system. As you can see in the table below, the two video platforms offer very similar features. What distinguishes one from the other is mainly the target audience. Vzaar focuses on large scale businesses with a massive load of traffic, and Cincopa aims for smaller sites with lower space and bandwidth demands. The inevitable outcome is a significant difference in the plans & pricing category; Cincopa offers various plans ranging from $9.95 to $99 per month that suit small, medium and large websites, while Vzaar’s plans range from $20 to $400 per month and fit large companies and enterprises.

Vzaar vs. Cinaopa
Feature Cincopa Vzaar
Video streaming + +
CDN + +
Easy management + +
Remote access + +
Works on all devices + +
Videos unlimited unlimited
Customization options + +
Playlists + +
Video skin gallery + -
Edit CSS files + -
Video control + +
Video branding + +
Add link to watermark + +
Upload Methods Bulk uploading;Facebook; Instagram; Unique email; Dropbox; iPhone upload app Bulk uploading; API; Dropbox; iPhone upload app
Social Share + +
Podcasts + +
Video SEO + +
Support Database;email or phone Database;email or phone
Encode Flash and HTML5 versions + +
Multi-user accounts + +
MailChimp integration - +
HTTPS embed code + +
Max. video size 2GB 500MB-3GB
Google Analytics integration + +
Call to action - +
Download video + +
Premium plans Starts from $9.95 per month Starts from $20 per month
Free version Yes (limited) No
Free trial + +

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