The Best Way to Get Premium Themes for Free

Premium themes, whether designed for HTML based sites, WordPress or any other CMS websites, are not usually given away for free. In general, the better the theme is the higher is the price. That means that if you would like to use a high-end theme, which includes advanced features, mobile compatibility, attractive design and flexible layout, you often have to pay for it a few dozens of dollars. Needless to mention, you always have the option to make some compromises and settle for a simple theme or a second rate theme.

Well, fortunately the word ‘usually’ leaves some room for the rare occasions, in which you can find a premium theme for free. Of course, there is always a motive behind the generous gesture; yet, as long as the developer interest does not interrupt your own interest, you should grab the opportunity in both hands. Here are a few ways to obtain a free premium theme for your new website.

How to get Premium Theme for Free?

Free File

Each month, Envato market, which includes 9 popular websites such as Themeforest and Codecanyon, offers “freemiums”, free premium themes and other downloadable rich media files. The free premium themes must be rated 4 stars or higher, which usually means, they are super modern and include advanced features and plenty of customization options. Evanto, together with the file’s developer, use the free distribution as a promotion tool, which helps attract the users’ attention and accumulate reviews and ratings. In order to download a free premium theme from Themeforest, for example, you must be registered to any one of the Evanto market places; however, the membership is also free of charge.

Themeforest – Free File of August 2013

Spotless – Responsive one page theme with great iGallery, responsive sliders, touch optimized and many other features.

Themeforest Free File


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Free Premium Themes

Many professional themes sites and developers use free premium themes as a fish hook; they let you use some of their themes for free in order to get a wider exposure. When downloading such a theme, make sure to check you actually get an access to all the listed features; many sites release special limited editions for nonpaying customers as they are hoping to get paid for extensions and services, which are not included in the free version, in the future.


SW You; Free Responsive WP Theme – Responsive layout, sliders, multiple color schemes, shortcodes, social networks integration, custom post formats and more.

Free responsive WP Theme

SW You

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Gadgetry – Responsive layout, built-in SEO, fuse framework, image and video Lightbox and more. This theme in its free version has no support.

Free Premium Theme


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Free Premium Theme Included

Some companies offer a premium theme for free as a part of a deal, which obligates you to sign for some paid service such as hosting. The fact that you have some kind of commitment is not necessarily a bad thing. There is a good chance you will need to purchase the offered service anyway; yet, you should be careful and double-check the market before you decide. You do not want to end up paying for your free premium theme in a hosting disguise.

Bavotasan – T Themes

Fotograf – Responsive theme for portfolios and magazines; includes many features as background slider, shortcodes, multiple post formats, theme customizer etc.
You may have any of Bavotasan premium themes for free, as long as you sign up for at least 6 month of hosting through Site5 company.

Premium Theme for free


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