Simplify Your Users Experience – Add a Walk-through Guide to Your Site

When a user enters any type of website he or she expects to understand instantly, what their options are, and how they should be performed to get optimal results. Some webpages are straightforward enough and require no explanations or tutorials; however, many sites involve complex structures, longer procedures, multiple products or services and much more complicated tasks, in which users may get lost or confused.

Now, imagine how convenient it is for users to approach a webpage, which includes a live step-by-step guide that actually takes them by their hand and personally shows them how everything works, answers all the what, why, and when questions and even share tips and special offers. An on-page walk-through or in-application guided tours radically improve the usability of your site. Adding on-page live guides extends users’ engagement and activity; thus, increases conversions and strengthens your site’s SEO.

Written guidelines and video tutorial are still the most prevalent solution, used by numerous site and applications. The problem with this kind of solutions is that not only it takes an extensive amount of time and money to produce these support materials, but it is also being completely ignored by most, if not all, users.

Today, there are a few awesome tools offered online that enable site and application owners to add a live on-page tours to their pages. These walk-though tutorials help new users to become familiar with all the site features and possibilities. You may highlight main features, display demos, and explain how to perform different actions and processes using text balloons, highlights and arrows.

You need no technical skills or programming knowledge in order to create a walk-through. A helpful guide will surely reduce the dropout rate, and it is a matter of merely a few minutes to establish it. Using these modern tools and plugins grants you with a full control over your content, design, location and functionality of your guides; some tools even provide you with usage metrics and analytic features.

The Best Tools for Creating On-Screen Guidance


  • No download and installation are required
  • On-page wizard
  • On-page interactive guides
  • On-page site tours
  • On-page tips
  • New users identification
  • Usage statistics
  • Special plans for SAAS and E-commerce websites

On-page walk-through guide

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  • Cross browser compatible
  • Customization options
  • Responsive design
  • jQuery-based
  • Requires a download of the Joyride kit
  • Foundation right-to-left support
  • Free application

On-page site tours

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  • No download and installation are required
  • No integration
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Numerous Customization options (graphics, colors, timing etc.)
  • Advanced analytics
  • Welcome screen
  • Auto start
  • Skip option
  • Full API
  • Free basic plan

On-page interactive guides

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  • Fully interactive tours
  • Usage metrics
  • Customization options (color schemes, positions, timing etc.)
  • Easy and fast to maintain
  • New users identification
  • Starts from $5 per month
  • Free 30 days trial

Step-by-step on-page tours

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