Rotating Images Widget for WordPress

We are all familiar with the way children tend to determine whether they fancy this book or another; they leaf through pages, browsing the images and colors. If they like what they see, it stimulates a desire to read the book, but if the appearance does not captivate them, no force on earth will make them sit down and listen to the content, no matter how superb it is. Unfortunately, grownups treat internet websites the same. They browse through the web, searching for something. Since there are numerous sites, for every term and search, the decision, which site is worthy of a serious reading, is profoundly influenced by the page appearance and feel. Adding rotating images plugin for WordPress is a great start for drawing users to visit your site and actually stay long enough to read through the written content.

Rotating images widget for WordPress is a photo slideshow that enables site owners to embellish their pages with stunning looking presentation while strengthening their traffic and SEO, as well. Rotating images widget allows you to display numerous images without using a lot of space. It is perfect for blogs and websites that are focused on content, but wish to have some added value that will engage visitors and stimulate their senses. It is also great for portfolios, especially if you want to have a few different albums to present.

There is an abundant of rotating images widgets for WordPress. Most of the plugins are simple and fast to install and use, and many basic plans are even offered for free. The different plugins have common and distinguished features, customization options and complementary services.

Attractive Rotating Images Widgets for WordPress

The following list consists of free plugins, which can be upgraded for further features. All plugins are active and supported; however, you will have to examine them all in order to make the best choice to suit your site.


Cincopa slideshow plugin for WordPress provides you with a huge variety of video and image slideshow skins in different layouts and styles. Create, embed and maintain your galleries by using Cincopa friendly and fast simple-wizard. You may upload multiple images from any device or from your Flicker or Picasa accounts. The rotating images widgets come with many customization options, advanced features and services like free hosting and delivery.

rotating images widget for WordPress

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NextGEN gallery plugin for WordPress includes many different kinds of image-gallery presentations. It allows you to handle and edit your galleries easily and provides you with a wide array of customization options such as size, style, timing, transitions, control panels and many more.

rotating images plugin for WordPress

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This rotating images widget for WordPress has a unique page flip effects. Among the plugin special features you will find: pop-up image gallery, zoom option, full screen mode, print option, upload from URL and more.

rotating image slideshow for WordPress

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Content Slide

Content Slide rotating image slideshow may be embedded anywhere within a page. You can use it as a regular slideshow, or as an advertising banner, since it can be linked to another website. The plugin comes with many customization options such as size, fade effects, colors etc.

rotating images plugin for WP

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Lazyest Gallery

One of the simplest rotating images widget for WordPress. It automatically creates a gallery, divided to folders, sub-folders, thumbnails and slideshows, which you can easily edit. Special features include comments on images, random rotation, shortcodes and effects.

rotating images widgets for WordPress

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Dynamic Content Gallery

The Dynamic Content plugin creates image galleries from your featured posts and pages with an option of adding default images for posts that have no image attachment. The Dynamic Content galleries are used to promote your own posts or external pages. The presentation’s appearance and behavior may be configured through a dashboard setting page.

content gallery widget for WordPress

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Rotating Image Widget

This plugin creates a jQuery-driven rotating sidebar widget with fade effects. The images are taken from previous posts and are automatically re-sized to suit the widget.

rotating image widget for WordPress

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WP Image Rotator

Here, you have two options; image rotator and header image rotator. On both plugins, you may upload any number of images, the intervals of rotation can be modified, and you can hyperlink images to any webpage. You can create 5 separate sections with different rotation schedules.

WP Image Rotator Plugin

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