Free Pinterest-Like WordPress Themes for Online Galleries and Portfolios

There is an abundance of visual arts creators, who stand at the beginning of their career and amateur artists that earn nothing from their works. In order to get a wide exposure and audience recognition, they must find a way to show the world what they are capable of, only without the costs involved in building their own custom made gallery.

The current WordPress theme market offers the perfect solution for those barehanded artists. There are numerous free Pinterest-like WordPress templates, enabling individuals to showcase their works in a fashionable and organized manner. These Pinterest-like WordPress templates simulate an endless pin-board, to which the owner may attach any of his or hers creations, with a certain amount of freedom to modify the website skin and features to their specific needs and taste. Since those templates are being used for showcasing art, the uniqueness of the site is driven mostly from the images being uploaded and less from the template’s design. Continue Reading

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