Parallax WordPress Themes

Parallax is an optical term describing the effect created by an apparent displacement in an object’s position that happens when viewed from different positions. The word’s origin is from the Greek word parallaxis, meaning alternation.

Nowadays, the word parallax represents a special technique in computer graphics. The parallax method simulates 3D movement by shifting multiple elements at the same time but in different speeds. The elements are arranged in layers, when the hindmost image moves the slowest, and the foreground image moves the fastest. Continue Reading

Choose Efficient & Stylish Joomla Template for Your Site

Joomla is the second popular CMS around the world. Many site owners hire professionals to create and manage their Joomla site for them, but there is a cheaper and faster alternative. A quick search on the internet reveals an abundant of sites displaying a wide range of Joomla templates ready to be installed. You can customize numerous options to give the site your unique fingerprint; however, most of the Joomla templates do not require any special programming skills, thus allow you to operate an independent site management. Continue Reading

11 Great Drupal Themes for Your Site

Drupal is a friendly and very efficient CMS that supports many great features such as multimedia, social networking, localization, document management, forms, event calendars and many other complex websites’ requirements. Drupal sites have an outstanding performance, and they are very easy to manage; however, their appearance is not their number one merit. Lately, web developers and designers got aware of the increasing demand for better looking Drupal sites and we have decided to help you find some of the best Drupal themes, which can easily compete with the most elegant and hip WordPress themes. Check-out the following Drupal themes that may suit diverse objectives such as a blog, business, magazine etc. Continue Reading

Check-out some of The Best Store WordPress Themes

Online stores, also known as e-Commerce, are turning to be a leading player in many trade markets. Some businesses can be found strictly online while other owners operate both virtual and physical branches. Existing stores may operate websites merely for promotional and advertising benefits; however, their managers may be surprised to realize how easy and profitable it is to open an online shop, office or studio that approach a much wider audience; local or international. WordPress themes for stores are pre-made site templates, developed to answer any potential commercial need such as an online catalog, purchasing methods, special offers etc. E-Commerce sites tend to be pretty complex; you may save yourself a lot of hassle, time and money by purchasing a Store WordPress theme. WordPress templates for e-Commerce usually designed as a comprehensive solution that may suit many different businesses; yet, the best WP themes for stores also provide you with plenty of customization options that grant you with high control over your website’s appearance and performance. Continue Reading

How to Get a Free Virtual Spokesperson in Minutes?

Simple innovations based on existing technologies manage to surprise us over and over again. They tend to simplify everyday tasks, help professionals perfect or speed up their work, come up with new marketing strategies, and just as important, they radically lower expenses. Virtual spokesperson is one of those innovations, especially in its latest version, sometimes referred to as a video spokesperson.

What is a virtual spokesperson?

The term virtual spokesperson describes any kind of human or animated figure, which is transplanted, using a transparent layer, above the visual content of a website. The expression, video spokesperson or video spokes-model is ascribed to a website actor or actress filmed in a special kind of internet video, which overlays above a website. The virtual presenter approaches visitors personally without interfering the original content and design of the page. The online performer may appear in various locations on page, in a kind of frame or overlapping the content itself; it may be a head-shot or full-body, with or without playback etc., and it usually has a small control bar around the image, to allow users to pause the video. Continue Reading

How Can You Get 32GB Cloud Storage for FREE?

Private users, as well as commercial websites and companies, are constantly trying to reduce costs without compromising the quality level of services and products they use. Files syncing across different computers and portable devices, used for backups, sharing files and remote access have become an essential service for many internet users around the world. The cloud storage service adds a few dozen dollars to the monthly expenses; this number naturally increases with the users’ growing need for additional storage space.

Cloud storage is an advanced method of networked data storage that utilizes virtual space located on data centers operated by third-party hosting companies. The cloud storage allows a major cut-down in storage fees, and the intensive competition taking place in this field generates an even greater reduction in price. Continue Reading

How Can a CDN Speed Your Website?

Recently the term CDN has become prevalent across the internet. It is utilized by many organizations, media companies and e-commerce vendors, and is even listed as one of the greatest advantages of different web services and products, which include delivery of files. Moreover, it has turned to be an essential feature for high traffic and international websites that wish to assure their content security, high performance level and low latency are kept, no matter where the end-user is located on the globe and what size of files must be distributed. Continue Reading

Top 10 WordPress Themes for DJs

Disc Jockey is one of the glamorous and most popular occupations in the music industry. DJs usually do not create music, excluding some that make electro-music, but are considered as artists, for a very good reason. Professional DJs establish the common bridges between music and dancing. They control their audience energy level, a mission that cannot be accomplished merely by playing songs one after the other. DJ masters are responsible for building a certain atmosphere in club parties, varied events and other happenings that require a music background to set a desirable feeling. However, how can DJs promote their work, when there are approximately 1.25 M professional DJs around the world? Evidently, they should begin with establishing their own website using one of the many great WordPress themes for DJs. Continue Reading

11 Premium Band Templates

Music can penetrate your soul with its first few tones. Musicians know how to create the magic that makes people listen to what they have to say and come back to hear more. However, getting people to listen to those first sounds over the internet requires you to make a great first impression. Using one of the following band templates you can easily create a professional and attractive looking website that will reflect the spirit of your band or music. Continue Reading

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