Vzaar vs. Cincopa – Video Platform Comparison

Commercial websites that display video content require advanced video solutions, which cannot be found among the free video services such as YouTube and Vimeo. When it comes to business, every detail matters. First and foremost is the performance. Internet users are not a very patient crowd; therefore, long uptime, buffering and freezing are unacceptable. Additionally, a video player should match the website design and be available to all users, anywhere, anytime and on any device. Continue Reading

Professional WordPress Themes for Educational Institutions

Education related sites cannot compromise much; they should reflect professionalism, profoundness and yet be attractive and have their own unique tone. There is a huge range of academic and trade schools such as universities, colleges and other educational institutes; each offers different services, degrees, diplomas and courses. The best WordPress themes for education websites usually offer many different page layouts, form templates, image galleries, audio and video widgets and lots of customization options that provide the administrator with the flexibility to suit the theme to the organization needs. Continue Reading

Top WordPress Affiliate Themes

Many products and services offered for sale across the web are marketed by affiliates. The affiliate marketing is a thriving industry, which functions as a middleman; the affiliate publishes the product or service in various marketing methods (such as SEO or PPC, reviews, forums etc.) and gets a commission for each customer he/she brings. In order to achieve the best results, affiliates usually run their own websites, promoting the goods they have chosen to distribute. This is where designated affiliate WordPress themes become very handy and profitable. Continue Reading

Best WordPress Themes for Writers

Text is the writer’s ‘goods’. A writer does not need grandiose effects and advanced rich media widgets that might distract the user from the main objective. Allegedly, any WordPress theme may suit a writers’ requirements since most themes include post templates; but the fact that there is abundant of WordPress themes for writers teaches us that even content focused sites have unique demands they must follow in order to stand out in the crowd. Continue Reading

Professional WordPress Themes for Workshops and Events

Workshops, course, seminars and similar events usually involve registration, payments, schedules, promotions and other special requirements. Creating your own workshop site from scratch, instead of purchasing a WordPress Workshop theme, might be pretty expensive and time consuming adventure; moreover, you may easily neglect important features due to a non-sufficient research. Continue Reading

WordPress Themes for Yellow Pages

Creating a directory portal, a business listing or any other yellow pages-like website is a pretty complex mission. Directory and Yellow Pages WordPress themes should be user friendly, clear and efficient in order to be successful. They better have a clean and straightforward design, plenty of unique features and a responsive layout. Continue Reading

12 of The Best vBulletin Themes

vBulletin is one of the most popular, convenient and advanced systems for establishing forums. Recently, web designers and developers have recognized the massive demand and started to create stylish vBulletin themes and skins, which are easy to install and manage and usually include content management and blog, in addition to the forum section. Continue Reading

Best WordPress VCard Themes

In a world in which, business relations, hiring and communication are performed mostly through online facilities, having a vCard is about to become a Must. A vCard is a virtual business card, resume and personal portfolio, all together. Nowadays, when most people have not created their own vCard, yet,  you can still impress employers, clients and colleagues with a stylish, professional vCard WordPress theme. Continue Reading

10 Great Clean Elegant Themes for Personal Blogs

The internet consists of numerous types of blogs formats and writers. Some blogs are extensions of existing websites, used for additional discussions, reviews, guests posts and so forth; other blogs are independent units hosted by large blogging networks or sites; yet, many bloggers choose to establish their own websites, which they can promote and manage freely.

If you are about to built a personal blog and see yourself as a part of the stand alone bloggers, you obviously need a professional blog template to suit your needs. It does not really matter whether you want your blog for money profits, promotional reasons or just for your voice to be heard, it is always a good idea to choose a clean and elegant theme for your blog. Continue Reading

The Best Way to Get Premium Themes for Free

Premium themes, whether designed for HTML based sites, WordPress or any other CMS websites, are not usually given away for free. In general, the better the theme is the higher is the price. That means that if you would like to use a high-end theme, which includes advanced features, mobile compatibility, attractive design and flexible layout, you often have to pay for it a few dozens of dollars. Needless to mention, you always have the option to make some compromises and settle for a simple theme or a second rate theme.

Well, fortunately the word ‘usually’ leaves some room for the rare occasions, in which you can find a premium theme for free. Of course, there is always a motive behind the generous gesture; yet, as long as the developer interest does not interrupt your own interest, you should grab the opportunity in both hands. Here are a few ways to obtain a free premium theme for your new website. Continue Reading

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