How Can You Get 32GB Cloud Storage for FREE?

Private users, as well as commercial websites and companies, are constantly trying to reduce costs without compromising the quality level of services and products they use. Files syncing across different computers and portable devices, used for backups, sharing files and remote access have become an essential service for many internet users around the world. The cloud storage service adds a few dozen dollars to the monthly expenses; this number naturally increases with the users’ growing need for additional storage space.

Cloud storage is an advanced method of networked data storage that utilizes virtual space located on data centers operated by third-party hosting companies. The cloud storage allows a major cut-down in storage fees, and the intensive competition taking place in this field generates an even greater reduction in price.

Get FREE Storage

Different cloud storage and syncing companies provide a wide range of free plans, premium upgrades and special business offers; however, the varied free plans usually do not suit the long term needs of most users and the same goes for the basic paid plans. That is why a few of the leading cloud storage companies have begun to promote new possibilities to upgrade the storage space with no extra fees. One of the innovative options is called a Referral program. Referral programs are offered by reliable firms such as Dropbox and SugarSync that enable paying customers to accumulate additional space by directing new users to the company.

Currently, the best offer by far belongs to SugarSync, which is one of the major, user-friendly file-syncing companies. SugarSync is a reliable, veteran company that grants it clients with a full control over performance, and supports all popular platforms; so, for the sake of our viewers we have decided to focus on their rewarding referral program.

SugarSync Referral Program

SugarSynce referral program

SugarSynce referral program

Registered members at have two super easy ways to approach new referrals. They may import their mailing contact list and send invitations by mail, or they can simply enter admin and get a referral link, which they can copy and paste anywhere on the web. The referral link is used for spreading the word among friends, forums, blogs and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Each referral you bring that ends up in a new SugarSync free account credits your own account with 0.5GB of supplemental storage. The referral bonus for that scenario is limited to 32GB of extra space, but it gets even better for paid accounts. If you are a paying customer, and you manage to direct new users for paid plans, you get 10GB per referral with no limitations on the total storage you may earn.

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, believe it or not, this is the deal, and the procedure itself is actually quite simple. However, the success rate is totally depended upon the way you conduct your campaign. Follow the next few simple steps and start advertising SugarSync services in order to enjoy a whopping generous storage bonus as your reward:

  1. Open an account at SugarSync
  2. Enter admin and get a personal referral link
  3. Build your campaign strategy and start spreading the word.
  4. Get 0.5GB for any free account (limited to 32GB) or win 10GB for any referral resulting in paid account (unlimited).


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