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Rich media files such as videos and music consume a considerable amount of bandwidth and disk space, which are not available with most free and low-priced hosting services. Furthermore, sound and video files frequently require conversions and other advanced technologies to prevent buffering and stuttering issues, which may compromise the performance and your audience experience.

If you have music or other sound files you would like to share or publish, the best way to avoid future problems is to host your audio files in designated sites that support different audio formats, include extensive amount of space, use advanced delivery systems and even provide featured players.

Convenient as it may be, hosting sound files on the same servers you use for your site hosting is not the best way to maintain simple and high quality audio presentations, especially if you have a limited budget. There are creative solutions such as saving your audio files as video files and use YouTube as your host, but then you have lesser control over your media.

5 Great Places to Host Sound Files for Free

The following list consists of sound hosting companies that offer free and reliable audio hosting. The hosting services companies differ in files size, bandwidth, disk space, supported formats and extra features and customization options. Some companies, as mentioned earlier, offer different audio players, linking options, social share and more. Examine your specific needs and circumstances, explore your options and choose the sound hosting service that suits it all together.


Soundcloud is a social sound platform that allows you to record, upload and share audio files. It can be accessed from any device and supports all audio formats. Soundcloud provides you with a waveform player and timed comments. The free account is good for 100 downloads per track and 120 upload minutes.

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Cincopa is a multimedia platform that offers plenty of products and services including hosting and delivery of audio files. It provides you with many different audio player skins, customization options and additional features. Cincopa application supports all audio formats, allows remote access and performs automatic conversions. The free account is limited to 400MB disk space and 200MB bandwidth per month.

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Supload is a free file hosting service that allows you to upload and share your sound files, clips and ringtones. Supload supports the following audio formats: wav, midi, mp2, mp3, ram, wma, m4a, and mp4. The audio file size is limited to 20 MB, and copyrighted audio is not permitted.

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Divshare enables you to upload music files and create audio playlists, which you can embed anywhere on the web. Once a file is uploaded, the Divshare system automatically provides you with a sharing link. You can access, manage and share your files from any computer as well as protect your files choosing one of the privacy preferences. The free plan includes 20 GB storage and 100 GB downloads per month.

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That enables you to record, upload and share your audio files within a few simple steps. You may record your own files using a microphone or webcam, upload existing files or extract audio from YouTube videos. Chirbit allows you to upload 120 MB per file in wav, mp3, ogg, amr, m4a, wmv, aiff and 3gp formats. You may embed your sound files anywhere with the provided HTML player or share it on social platforms. Chirbit enables a remote access from any device, an image upload and other efficient features.

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