Choose Your Favorite: Top 10 Comments Plugins for WordPress

Comments and discussions related to your posts are a very important part of your blog. The ability to be heard, to view what is on other people’s mind and interact with them, attracts users to your site, making them feel like a part of a social community.

There are two basic things you should know about having a comments section on your site:

  1. It is probably the best way to create an interaction with your visitors.
  2. Most of the comments default areas are neglectfully dull.

Today there are numerous comments plugins for WordPress. These plugins have a lot more features than the default comments section. They allow users and owners to edit comment; keep track of the important ones; have threaded replies; add avatars and other interesting characteristics.

Therefore, if you wish to encourage people to leave comments on your posts and enhance conversations between users; make the tiny effort needed and integrate comments plug-ins on your site.

The Most Popular and Effective Comments Plugins for WordPress:


Disqus is a free discussion platform. It is a very simple and fast tool to install with great features such as: notifications via e-mail, SEO friendly, subscribe and RSS options, spam filters, threaded comments and more.

Disqus Comments Plugin for WordPress

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NicEdit is a free content editor, which allows converting regular text areas to a rich text editing. This comments plugin is extremely lightweight and easy to integrate on any site.

NicEdit Plugin fro WordPress

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WordPress Ajax Edit Comments

This free comments editor allows users to edit their own comments, and admin to edit and move all comments. It has spam protection, dropdown menu, different icon sets and other admin and users special features.

Ajax Edit WordPress Comment Plugin

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Commentluv encourages traffic to your site by finding the reader’s blog and automatically placing a link to its latest post at the end of comment. This plugin has many other benefits like anti spam protection, back-link features, Twitter link, favorite pages feature and more. Commentluv requires WD version 3.0 + and its price starts with $67 for a single site.

Commentluv WordPress Comments Plugin

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IntenseDebate Comments

IntenseDebate is a great free plugin for those who want to get maximal exposure to their posts. It includes comments threading, reply via mail, comments voting, Twitter integration etc. IntenseDebate requires WD 3.0 or higher.

Intense WordPress Comments Plugin

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Automatic Kismat (Akismat)

Akismat focuses on protecting your site from comments and trackback spam.

Akismet Comments Plugin for WordPress

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SEO Super Comments

This free comments plugin for WordPress focuses on the site’s SEO. It creates a new page for every comment, which increases the site’s index for search engines. The major advantage is getting more traffic to your site thanks to the comments written by readers. SEO Super Comments requires WD 2.5 or higher.

SEO Super Comments Plugin for WordPress

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With LiveFyre you can capture and sync all conversations about your posts, even if they happen on Facebook or Twitter. This comments plugin has numerous social features, rich text editor, notifications, anti spam, multiple moderators, different reports etc.

LiveFyre Comments Plugin for WordPress

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Thank Me Later (TML)

Thank Me Later plugin lets you send automated messages to commentors after pre-defined amount of time. It may be a ‘thank you’ message, a special offer or incentive to join your list. You can prevent the system from emailing duplicate messages to the same person, and instead, sending different text for each comment. This plugin is very easy to install; requires WD 3.1 or higher.

Thank me later - Comments Plugin for WordPress

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 Riffly Webcam Video Comments

Riffly is a free WordPress plugin, easy to install and highly unique. It allows users t o upload video and audio comments to your site. Riffly makes the commenting experience enjoyable and brings extra credibility to the comments. There might be compatibility problems with this plugin when used with recent WD versions.

Riffly requires WD 1.5.2 or higher; compatible up to 2.7.1



Riffly Video and Audio Comments Plugin for WordPress

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