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Parallax WordPress Themes

Parallax is an optical term describing the effect created by an apparent displacement in an object’s position that happens when viewed from different positions. The word’s origin is from the Greek word parallaxis, meaning alternation.

Nowadays, the word parallax represents a special technique in computer graphics. The parallax method simulates 3D movement by shifting multiple elements at the same time but in different speeds. The elements are arranged in layers, when the hindmost image moves the slowest, and the foreground image moves the fastest. Continue Reading

Check-out some of The Best Store WordPress Themes

Online stores, also known as e-Commerce, are turning to be a leading player in many trade markets. Some businesses can be found strictly online while other owners operate both virtual and physical branches. Existing stores may operate websites merely for promotional and advertising benefits; however, their managers may be surprised to realize how easy and profitable it is to open an online shop, office or studio that approach a much wider audience; local or international. WordPress themes for stores are pre-made site templates, developed to answer any potential commercial need such as an online catalog, purchasing methods, special offers etc. E-Commerce sites tend to be pretty complex; you may save yourself a lot of hassle, time and money by purchasing a Store WordPress theme. WordPress templates for e-Commerce usually designed as a comprehensive solution that may suit many different businesses; yet, the best WP themes for stores also provide you with plenty of customization options that grant you with high control over your website’s appearance and performance. Continue Reading

Top 10 WordPress Themes for DJs

Disc Jockey is one of the glamorous and most popular occupations in the music industry. DJs usually do not create music, excluding some that make electro-music, but are considered as artists, for a very good reason. Professional DJs establish the common bridges between music and dancing. They control their audience energy level, a mission that cannot be accomplished merely by playing songs one after the other. DJ masters are responsible for building a certain atmosphere in club parties, varied events and other happenings that require a music background to set a desirable feeling. However, how can DJs promote their work, when there are approximately 1.25 M professional DJs around the world? Evidently, they should begin with establishing their own website using one of the many great WordPress themes for DJs. Continue Reading

11 Premium Band Templates

Music can penetrate your soul with its first few tones. Musicians know how to create the magic that makes people listen to what they have to say and come back to hear more. However, getting people to listen to those first sounds over the internet requires you to make a great first impression. Using one of the following band templates you can easily create a professional and attractive looking website that will reflect the spirit of your band or music. Continue Reading

The Significance of Responsive Themes

These days there are numerous ways to browse, view and interact with the World Wide Web. There are the traditional desktop computers, smart phones and growing numbers of other portable devices; each device has its own unique software, size, layout and functionality.

Websites users and owners, shift between the different gadgets during the day, expecting to find the same content, in the same location with an identical accessibility and performance. Websites that do not deliver the goods are shooting themselves in the foot.

Companies, blogs, social networks and E-commerce sites they are not capable of providing high quality user experience, no matter what is the device in use, get lower traffic, their reliability is damaged, and their future ability to cope and thrive in the competitive market, in which they operate, is seriously decreased. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) within the next five years, the mobile web access will exceed the traditional desktop web access. Continue Reading

How to Sell Domain Names Faster; Get Yourself Domain for Sale Template

Selling domain names by individuals has become a common trend on the web. The leading players of this trading niche can be roughly divided into two main groups:

  1. Private people, who got stuck with domain names, which they do not use.
  2. Wise men and women, who foresee the market and purchase low budget domains that with time, turn to profitable premium domains.

You can find some diversity among the domain for sale templates, although the market is still pretty narrow. You may choose between simple, basic templates, which include a contact form without many extras; or you may pay a bit more and get additional features like requested price, social media links and even Google Analytic reports that may help you lure your future clients. Continue Reading

Promote Your Business with Pre-launch Website Templates

The Coming Soon Buzz…

Websites traffic is deeply affected by search engines, while the site location on the search results is directly influenced by the amount of visitors at the website. We are all familiar with a similar paradox in the business world. Work places prefer to hire people with experience; but how can a person gain experience, when nobody is willing to give him his first chance?

Sounds like catch 22? Well, not entirely. Web application developers have come up with a splendid idea: in order to avoid the time and money wastage involved with promoting a new born site; business owners may now use the developing time period for building their audience, their search engines records and even to interact with potential users, who may help spread the word virally. Continue Reading

Top 10 Tumblr-like WordPress Themes

The popular social networking and microblogging platform, named tumblr, currently includes more than 69.4 million blogs, 25,000 new users per day and over 71 million posts created on a daily basis. This short-form blog allows its users to post and share any type of content, images, videos, audios, links, chats and other rich media. No surprise, it has turned to a success story, and its unique style has become a model for imitation for other sites and blogs. Many WordPress developers have identified the tremendous potential of this extraordinary layout and today any common web user can acquire a tumblr-like WordPress theme for private or business usage. Continue Reading

Free Pinterest-Like WordPress Themes for Online Galleries and Portfolios

There is an abundance of visual arts creators, who stand at the beginning of their career and amateur artists that earn nothing from their works. In order to get a wide exposure and audience recognition, they must find a way to show the world what they are capable of, only without the costs involved in building their own custom made gallery.

The current WordPress theme market offers the perfect solution for those barehanded artists. There are numerous free Pinterest-like WordPress templates, enabling individuals to showcase their works in a fashionable and organized manner. These Pinterest-like WordPress templates simulate an endless pin-board, to which the owner may attach any of his or hers creations, with a certain amount of freedom to modify the website skin and features to their specific needs and taste. Since those templates are being used for showcasing art, the uniqueness of the site is driven mostly from the images being uploaded and less from the template’s design. Continue Reading