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Best WordPress VCard Themes

In a world in which, business relations, hiring and communication are performed mostly through online facilities, having a vCard is about to become a Must. A vCard is a virtual business card, resume and personal portfolio, all together. Nowadays, when most people have not created their own vCard, yet,  you can still impress employers, clients and colleagues with a stylish, professional vCard WordPress theme. Continue Reading

10 Great Clean Elegant Themes for Personal Blogs

The internet consists of numerous types of blogs formats and writers. Some blogs are extensions of existing websites, used for additional discussions, reviews, guests posts and so forth; other blogs are independent units hosted by large blogging networks or sites; yet, many bloggers choose to establish their own websites, which they can promote and manage freely.

If you are about to built a personal blog and see yourself as a part of the stand alone bloggers, you obviously need a professional blog template to suit your needs. It does not really matter whether you want your blog for money profits, promotional reasons or just for your voice to be heard, it is always a good idea to choose a clean and elegant theme for your blog. Continue Reading

Best WordPress Themes for Music Festivals

Music festivals are usually grandiose events, intended to attract as much audience as possible. Some are held only once while many other are annual events; some focus on a certain theme such as a musical genre and other are organized as a fun recreation happening. Either way, a designated WordPress theme for music festivals or a music event WordPress theme can help you spread the word, advertise the event, update your audience with all the details and even include a ticket sale. Continue Reading

Best Book WordPress Themes

The internet is a great platform for promoting books. It does not really matter whether it is an e-book or a printed edition, whether it is a novel or an informative guidebook; having a landing page or an entire WordPress book theme site, dedicated to the book itself or to the author of the book, may be the missing piece in your marketing strategy puzzle and bring a nice boost to the sales volume. Continue Reading

How to Choose a Theme on ThemeForest

ThemeForest is the largest virtual marketplace for website themes and page templates; at ThemeForest you will find thousands of HTML templates, themes for various CMS such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, diverse plugins and even Facebook templates. It is a most vivid trade arena, where developers from all over the world offer new products on a daily basis.

The ThemeForest site is quite friendly and easy to navigate thanks to the many features and categories. The main problem with ThemeForest platform is that the great diversity and the huge selection in each category may turn to be a blessing in disguise, especially for the average user, who has no real knowledge in web designing field. Many of the buyers are ordinary people, with no coding skills that tend to rely merely on the visual impression and intuition. This type of clientele has no professional means that may help in distinguishing high quality theme from a poor quality theme. Continue Reading

Best Baby Shower Invitation Templates and Website Themes

Planning a baby shower to celebrate the impending or recent birth of your child? Nowadays, when all your relatives and friends are connected to the digital media on a daily basis, there is no need to purchase or design expensive baby shower invitations and send them one by one through the post office. Creating a baby shower website or invitation enables you not only to invite your guests but also to share photos, videos and thoughts in the most intimate, direct and convenient way there is, before and after the event. Continue Reading

Best Themes for Web Hosting Services

The web hosting services is a rapidly growing industry. In order to succeed in this field, produce new traffic and keep steady client retention, a web hosting company must operate a highly professional website with responsive design, high-end performance and an attractive appearance. The leading CMS and HTML programmers had researched the requirements of both users and administrators and have developed a wide selection of web hosting themes for WordPress and HTML-based sites that will help you accomplish your goal with minimum expenses. Using HTML or WordPress themes for web hosting services sites is the best solution since it is extremely fast and friendly to establish, does not require any prior knowledge and includes lots of customization options that allow you to distinguish your website from your competitors’ sites. Continue Reading

Best Real Estate WordPress Themes

Real estate buyers tend to start their searches and inquiries on the internet. From a consumer point of view making the effort and driving all the way to the real estate agency has no added value; there is no actual display of the offered items, and moreover, an internet search may provide users with more results, details, maps, images and unique features than a few separate visits in different firms. Therefore, having a professional real estate website with stylish appearance and high end performance has become a must in this industry. Continue Reading

Best WordPress Blog Themes – No Reason to Compromise

Writing a blog is a modern, liberal and efficient platform that allows people to express opinions and feelings, share information and promote social discussions. Blogs are often managed by individuals, who do not have the technical knowledge to create their own site, and certainly do not have the money to hire web designers to do the job for them. Nevertheless, since blogs have become a super popular phenomenon, the competition in that zone is remarkably high, and currently blog owners must stand out in order to capture the audience attention. Well, this is exactly what a great WordPress blog theme will do for you!

High quality textual or informative content is simply not enough if you want to gain a substantial amount of readers. As a blog owner, you must adapt to the spirit of the times and provide your visitors with an attractive and progressive layout, combining rich media and other advanced features to lure random users and gain return traffic. Continue Reading

Best News WordPress Themes for Online Newspapers and Reporting Site

Newspapers and various other sites that constantly update current matters content require a highly widgetized layout consisting of rich media features, multilevel menus, customizable sidebars and multiple columns. Designing this kind of complex site from scratch is expensive and may take a pretty long time to implement. The good news is that there is an abundant selection of News themes for WordPress that offer high end templates created specifically for this purpose, based on researches and developed by professionals. Continue Reading