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Rotating Images Widget for WordPress

We are all familiar with the way children tend to determine whether they fancy this book or another; they leaf through pages, browsing the images and colors. If they like what they see, it stimulates a desire to read the book, but if the appearance does not captivate them, no force on earth will make them sit down and listen to the content, no matter how superb it is. Unfortunately, grownups treat internet websites the same. They browse through the web, searching for something. Since there are numerous sites, for every term and search, the decision, which site is worthy of a serious reading, is profoundly influenced by the page appearance and feel. Adding rotating images plugin for WordPress is a great start for drawing users to visit your site and actually stay long enough to read through the written content. Continue Reading

Choose Your Favorite: Top 10 Comments Plugins for WordPress

Comments and discussions related to your posts are a very important part of your blog. The ability to be heard, to view what is on other people’s mind and interact with them, attracts users to your site, making them feel like a part of a social community.

There are two basic things you should know about having a comments section on your site:

  1. It is probably the best way to create an interaction with your visitors.
  2. Most of the comments default areas are neglectfully dull.

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