Adult Web Hosting – Tips and Leads

There is a wide array of web hosting companies, which differentiate in their fees, services and performance. For most websites and blogs setting up web hosting for their pages and media is a pretty simple task that does not require much time nor money. Adult Websites owners, on the other hand, may bump into more than one impediment, while looking for a web hosting provider to suits their special needs.

The first obstacle encountered by adult-audience centered sites is the refusal of many providers to handle the hosting of adult oriented materials. The laws regarding adult media vary from place to place, and most hosting companies do not want to deal with this kind of pitfalls. There is no point trying to by-pass regulations, ignoring the issue and opening an account. This kind of action will put your site in risk; the hosting server might just shut down your account. Continue Reading

How to Sell Domain Names Faster; Get Yourself Domain for Sale Template

Selling domain names by individuals has become a common trend on the web. The leading players of this trading niche can be roughly divided into two main groups:

  1. Private people, who got stuck with domain names, which they do not use.
  2. Wise men and women, who foresee the market and purchase low budget domains that with time, turn to profitable premium domains.

You can find some diversity among the domain for sale templates, although the market is still pretty narrow. You may choose between simple, basic templates, which include a contact form without many extras; or you may pay a bit more and get additional features like requested price, social media links and even Google Analytic reports that may help you lure your future clients. Continue Reading