10 Great Clean Elegant Themes for Personal Blogs

The internet consists of numerous types of blogs formats and writers. Some blogs are extensions of existing websites, used for additional discussions, reviews, guests posts and so forth; other blogs are independent units hosted by large blogging networks or sites; yet, many bloggers choose to establish their own websites, which they can promote and manage freely.

If you are about to built a personal blog and see yourself as a part of the stand alone bloggers, you obviously need a professional blog template to suit your needs. It does not really matter whether you want your blog for money profits, promotional reasons or just for your voice to be heard, it is always a good idea to choose a clean and elegant theme for your blog. Continue Reading

How to Choose a Theme on ThemeForest

ThemeForest is the largest virtual marketplace for website themes and page templates; at ThemeForest you will find thousands of HTML templates, themes for various CMS such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, diverse plugins and even Facebook templates. It is a most vivid trade arena, where developers from all over the world offer new products on a daily basis.

The ThemeForest site is quite friendly and easy to navigate thanks to the many features and categories. The main problem with ThemeForest platform is that the great diversity and the huge selection in each category may turn to be a blessing in disguise, especially for the average user, who has no real knowledge in web designing field. Many of the buyers are ordinary people, with no coding skills that tend to rely merely on the visual impression and intuition. This type of clientele has no professional means that may help in distinguishing high quality theme from a poor quality theme. Continue Reading

Choose Efficient & Stylish Joomla Template for Your Site

Joomla is the second popular CMS around the world. Many site owners hire professionals to create and manage their Joomla site for them, but there is a cheaper and faster alternative. A quick search on the internet reveals an abundant of sites displaying a wide range of Joomla templates ready to be installed. You can customize numerous options to give the site your unique fingerprint; however, most of the Joomla templates do not require any special programming skills, thus allow you to operate an independent site management. Continue Reading

11 Premium Band Templates

Music can penetrate your soul with its first few tones. Musicians know how to create the magic that makes people listen to what they have to say and come back to hear more. However, getting people to listen to those first sounds over the internet requires you to make a great first impression. Using one of the following band templates you can easily create a professional and attractive looking website that will reflect the spirit of your band or music. Continue Reading

The Significance of Responsive Themes

These days there are numerous ways to browse, view and interact with the World Wide Web. There are the traditional desktop computers, smart phones and growing numbers of other portable devices; each device has its own unique software, size, layout and functionality.

Websites users and owners, shift between the different gadgets during the day, expecting to find the same content, in the same location with an identical accessibility and performance. Websites that do not deliver the goods are shooting themselves in the foot.

Companies, blogs, social networks and E-commerce sites they are not capable of providing high quality user experience, no matter what is the device in use, get lower traffic, their reliability is damaged, and their future ability to cope and thrive in the competitive market, in which they operate, is seriously decreased. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) within the next five years, the mobile web access will exceed the traditional desktop web access. Continue Reading

Secure Your Joomla Website from Hackers and Other Ills

Each of us, average internet users, is exposed to different threats through the web. Identity theft, money stealing and pure vandalism are just some of the web sore evils. Advanced security measures are being developed constantly to ensure that the good guys are ahead of the hackers, viruses and such.

If you own or manage a Joomla website, it can be assumed that you have more to lose than your e-mail account or private data; you have a business and a reputation to keep. Continue Reading