Brightcove vs. Cincopa

Free video platforms are very handy and efficient for the general public; however, for commercial websites there are much better options in the form of premium video platforms. Those platforms not only assure secure and high quality video experience but can also enhance engagement and improve marketing strategies.
Brightcove and Cincopa are professional, business-oriented, video platforms that provide comprehensive video solutions for companies around the world. They offer advanced video products and services such as customizable video player skins, credible video CDN system for hosting and distributing, mobile support and various marketing tools including SEO features, video branding, analytics integration and social sharing.
As in other competitive fields, the differences between the various providers lie in the smallest details and, of course, in the plans & pricing section. Following is a short review of Cincopa and Brightcove video platforms, which focuses on the distinctive features, advantages and weaknesses.


Cincopa is a rapidly growing company that successfully provides a complete solution for all the multimedia needs a business might have including video, slideshows, photo galleries, music players and podcast. It has a fine collection of video player skins with advanced setting and security options, lots of embedment options such as HTML, CMS, mail systems and social networks and a long list of features such as streaming video and automatic transcoding that result in a flawless video experience.
The innovative platform offers three affordable plans that suit the diverse requirements and budgets of small, medium and large businesses. The cheapest plan costs $9.95 per month and includes all premium features, 5GB of storage and 7GB of bandwidth while the largest plan includes 100GB of bandwidth, unlimited storage and phone support for only $99 per month.
Last but not least, Cincopa operates a simple and friendly wizard that enables easy and super-fast management from all devices, anytime and anywhere.


Brightcove is a well-known platform with thousands of international clients. It has a lot of marketing options; it supports multiple Ad methods and types, enables Pay per view, subtitles and Geo-location service. Like Cincopa, Brightcove grants the administrator with a full control over the videos appearance, function and files protection settings and uses a reliable CDN for hosting and delivering of videos.
Brightcove offers many video tutorials, informative webpage and support articles; yet, the user interface is not intuitive as expected to be; therefore, finding specific data may be an exhausting mission. Additionally, there are a few advanced features such as adding embed options and inserting links to videos that might require some coding skills.
Finally, Brightcove is rather expensive, especially for small businesses; its cheapest plan costs $99 per month providing 40GB of bandwidth for maximum of 40 videos, while the 100GB bandwidth plan costs $199 per month.
Producing, displaying and distributing videos is one of the most beneficial ways to promote your business online. Both Brightcove and Cincopa produce high quality viewing experience with no buffering, freezing and delays; they support multi-user accounts, allow video download, playlists, statistics and many other common features.
Brightcove is an excellent choice for large companies and enterprises with a huge amount of videos and for businesses that want to use their videos for advertising or for displaying third party ads. Cincopa, on the other hand, is perfect for businesses with lower volume of video content that do not want to throw their money for nothing, and for those, who have no professional skills and need a genuinely friendly and easy to manage video platform.

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