How Can You Get 32GB Cloud Storage for FREE?

Private users, as well as commercial websites and companies, are constantly trying to reduce costs without compromising the quality level of services and products they use. Files syncing across different computers and portable devices, used for backups, sharing files and remote access have become an essential service for many internet users around the world. The cloud storage service adds a few dozen dollars to the monthly expenses; this number naturally increases with the users’ growing need for additional storage space.

Cloud storage is an advanced method of networked data storage that utilizes virtual space located on data centers operated by third-party hosting companies. The cloud storage allows a major cut-down in storage fees, and the intensive competition taking place in this field generates an even greater reduction in price. Continue Reading

How Can a CDN Speed Your Website?

Recently the term CDN has become prevalent across the internet. It is utilized by many organizations, media companies and e-commerce vendors, and is even listed as one of the greatest advantages of different web services and products, which include delivery of files. Moreover, it has turned to be an essential feature for high traffic and international websites that wish to assure their content security, high performance level and low latency are kept, no matter where the end-user is located on the globe and what size of files must be distributed. Continue Reading

Top 10 WordPress Themes for DJs

Disc Jockey is one of the glamorous and most popular occupations in the music industry. DJs usually do not create music, excluding some that make electro-music, but are considered as artists, for a very good reason. Professional DJs establish the common bridges between music and dancing. They control their audience energy level, a mission that cannot be accomplished merely by playing songs one after the other. DJ masters are responsible for building a certain atmosphere in club parties, varied events and other happenings that require a music background to set a desirable feeling. However, how can DJs promote their work, when there are approximately 1.25 M professional DJs around the world? Evidently, they should begin with establishing their own website using one of the many great WordPress themes for DJs. Continue Reading

11 Premium Band Templates

Music can penetrate your soul with its first few tones. Musicians know how to create the magic that makes people listen to what they have to say and come back to hear more. However, getting people to listen to those first sounds over the internet requires you to make a great first impression. Using one of the following band templates you can easily create a professional and attractive looking website that will reflect the spirit of your band or music. Continue Reading

Free and Reliable Audio Hosting

Rich media files such as videos and music consume a considerable amount of bandwidth and disk space, which are not available with most free and low-priced hosting services. Furthermore, sound and video files frequently require conversions and other advanced technologies to prevent buffering and stuttering issues, which may compromise the performance and your audience experience.

If you have music or other sound files you would like to share or publish, the best way to avoid future problems is to host your audio files in designated sites that support different audio formats, include extensive amount of space, use advanced delivery systems and even provide featured players. Continue Reading

Rotating Images Widget for WordPress

We are all familiar with the way children tend to determine whether they fancy this book or another; they leaf through pages, browsing the images and colors. If they like what they see, it stimulates a desire to read the book, but if the appearance does not captivate them, no force on earth will make them sit down and listen to the content, no matter how superb it is. Unfortunately, grownups treat internet websites the same. They browse through the web, searching for something. Since there are numerous sites, for every term and search, the decision, which site is worthy of a serious reading, is profoundly influenced by the page appearance and feel. Adding rotating images plugin for WordPress is a great start for drawing users to visit your site and actually stay long enough to read through the written content. Continue Reading

Simplify Your Users Experience – Add a Walk-through Guide to Your Site

When a user enters any type of website he or she expects to understand instantly, what their options are, and how they should be performed to get optimal results. Some webpages are straightforward enough and require no explanations or tutorials; however, many sites involve complex structures, longer procedures, multiple products or services and much more complicated tasks, in which users may get lost or confused.

Now, imagine how convenient it is for users to approach a webpage, which includes a live step-by-step guide that actually takes them by their hand and personally shows them how everything works, answers all the what, why, and when questions and even share tips and special offers. An on-page walk-through or in-application guided tours radically improve the usability of your site. Adding on-page live guides extends users’ engagement and activity; thus, increases conversions and strengthens your site’s SEO. Continue Reading

Adult Web Hosting – Tips and Leads

There is a wide array of web hosting companies, which differentiate in their fees, services and performance. For most websites and blogs setting up web hosting for their pages and media is a pretty simple task that does not require much time nor money. Adult Websites owners, on the other hand, may bump into more than one impediment, while looking for a web hosting provider to suits their special needs.

The first obstacle encountered by adult-audience centered sites is the refusal of many providers to handle the hosting of adult oriented materials. The laws regarding adult media vary from place to place, and most hosting companies do not want to deal with this kind of pitfalls. There is no point trying to by-pass regulations, ignoring the issue and opening an account. This kind of action will put your site in risk; the hosting server might just shut down your account. Continue Reading

The Significance of Responsive Themes

These days there are numerous ways to browse, view and interact with the World Wide Web. There are the traditional desktop computers, smart phones and growing numbers of other portable devices; each device has its own unique software, size, layout and functionality.

Websites users and owners, shift between the different gadgets during the day, expecting to find the same content, in the same location with an identical accessibility and performance. Websites that do not deliver the goods are shooting themselves in the foot.

Companies, blogs, social networks and E-commerce sites they are not capable of providing high quality user experience, no matter what is the device in use, get lower traffic, their reliability is damaged, and their future ability to cope and thrive in the competitive market, in which they operate, is seriously decreased. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) within the next five years, the mobile web access will exceed the traditional desktop web access. Continue Reading

Secure Your Joomla Website from Hackers and Other Ills

Each of us, average internet users, is exposed to different threats through the web. Identity theft, money stealing and pure vandalism are just some of the web sore evils. Advanced security measures are being developed constantly to ensure that the good guys are ahead of the hackers, viruses and such.

If you own or manage a Joomla website, it can be assumed that you have more to lose than your e-mail account or private data; you have a business and a reputation to keep. Continue Reading