Brightcove vs. Cincopa

Free video platforms are very handy and efficient for the general public; however, for commercial websites there are much better options in the form of premium video platforms. Those platforms not only assure secure and high quality video experience but can also enhance engagement and improve marketing strategies.
Brightcove and Cincopa are professional, business-oriented, video platforms that provide comprehensive video solutions for companies around the world. They offer advanced video products and services such as customizable video player skins, credible video CDN system for hosting and distributing, mobile support and various marketing tools including SEO features, video branding, analytics integration and social sharing. Continue Reading

Best WordPress Themes for Gaming Portals and Blogs

Online gaming is one of the most popular hobbies and leisure activities. Millions of people around the world, both teenagers and grownups, share the excitement and challenge granted by lifestyle games, adventure and quest games and many other addictive computer and video games. This phenomenon has led to the creation of gamin blogs and portals; some promote the games, other offer reviews or forums, in which fans can interact. If you wish to establish such a site the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to achieve your goal is purchasing one of the top WordPress Gaming Themes, which have all the features and elements required. Continue Reading

Great WordPress Themes for Restaurants that will Get Up Your Appetite

The food industry is one of the largest, constantly changing and varied markets. The competition is huge and having a responsive up-to-date site is mandatory since lots of people are searching for food places using their mobiles. The site should function both as a detailed business card, so people can get the general feeling of the place and learn about the menus and services, as well as a working tool that enables customers to reserve place, order a take away and sometimes even pay online. Continue Reading

Are You Looking for a Car Dealer WordPress Theme?

Car dealership companies and other car selling businesses require a designated automotive website. A basic, general or an old fashioned website won’t do the trick anymore. A car dealer website should reflect elegance, modernism and credibility. Image galleries, photo sliders, and pricing tables are a few of the elementary features you must include in a car dealer website design, assuming you wish to impress your potential clients. Similarly, a responsive design is essential in order to reach the huge sector of mobile users. The best WordPress themes for car dealers provide you with all these demands and many other advanced features. Continue Reading

Vzaar vs. Cincopa – Video Platform Comparison

Commercial websites that display video content require advanced video solutions, which cannot be found among the free video services such as YouTube and Vimeo. When it comes to business, every detail matters. First and foremost is the performance. Internet users are not a very patient crowd; therefore, long uptime, buffering and freezing are unacceptable. Additionally, a video player should match the website design and be available to all users, anywhere, anytime and on any device. Continue Reading

Professional WordPress Themes for Educational Institutions

Education related sites cannot compromise much; they should reflect professionalism, profoundness and yet be attractive and have their own unique tone. There is a huge range of academic and trade schools such as universities, colleges and other educational institutes; each offers different services, degrees, diplomas and courses. The best WordPress themes for education websites usually offer many different page layouts, form templates, image galleries, audio and video widgets and lots of customization options that provide the administrator with the flexibility to suit the theme to the organization needs. Continue Reading

Top WordPress Affiliate Themes

Many products and services offered for sale across the web are marketed by affiliates. The affiliate marketing is a thriving industry, which functions as a middleman; the affiliate publishes the product or service in various marketing methods (such as SEO or PPC, reviews, forums etc.) and gets a commission for each customer he/she brings. In order to achieve the best results, affiliates usually run their own websites, promoting the goods they have chosen to distribute. This is where designated affiliate WordPress themes become very handy and profitable. Continue Reading

Best WordPress Themes for Writers

Text is the writer’s ‘goods’. A writer does not need grandiose effects and advanced rich media widgets that might distract the user from the main objective. Allegedly, any WordPress theme may suit a writers’ requirements since most themes include post templates; but the fact that there is abundant of WordPress themes for writers teaches us that even content focused sites have unique demands they must follow in order to stand out in the crowd. Continue Reading

Professional WordPress Themes for Workshops and Events

Workshops, course, seminars and similar events usually involve registration, payments, schedules, promotions and other special requirements. Creating your own workshop site from scratch, instead of purchasing a WordPress Workshop theme, might be pretty expensive and time consuming adventure; moreover, you may easily neglect important features due to a non-sufficient research. Continue Reading

WordPress Themes for Yellow Pages

Creating a directory portal, a business listing or any other yellow pages-like website is a pretty complex mission. Directory and Yellow Pages WordPress themes should be user friendly, clear and efficient in order to be successful. They better have a clean and straightforward design, plenty of unique features and a responsive layout. Continue Reading