An attractive way of presenting collectibles with Cincopa hosting solutions

Having a hobby that deals with collecting cards, miniatures, coins, stamps or many other collectible objects is a great way of spending time, and in some cases, a good placing of funds. One of the aspects that collectors especially like is showing their collections to other collectors, potential buyers or just random spectators. With the ever growing possibilities of the Internet, exhibiting your precious collectibles becomes at one hand much easier, on the other competed by many other collections galleries. Whether you are a collector that just wants to show off your collection or a professional trader, living from buying and selling collectible items you certainly seek an easy and striking collectibles’ gallery. To respond to your needs Cincopa prepared a great solution that will surely fit your expectations.

It is no surprise that a simple image gallery should be a starting basis for anyone interested in presenting collection. Cincopa offers a solution that makes it as easy as possible, because we made our online solution in a way that takes technicalities away from our users and leave them only with choosing and uploading their content. All the photos will be automatically resized. Aside from choosing content, the user is left with picking one from over 40 skins for his gallery. The final step is generating a simple code that will be placed on your collectibles website. The code will be automatically changed every time you decide to add or modify your gallery of collectibles.

But how to present collectibles to stand out from many other galleries of this kind? After all you may be interested in selling your collectibles and outdoing any competition would be a part of your eBay collectibles presentation. Cincopa offers a video hosting solution that will leave your clients and spectators in love with your gallery. This way you can present videos of your valuable collectibles shown from all the sides or process of for example painting your miniatures or eye-catching shots of your collections that will draw attention of visitors. As in the case of images, Cincopa team aimed at making the process of creating a video gallery simple and time efficient. You just have to upload your content to the “cloud” drive in your Cincopa account, choose an appropriate skin that will tie your gallery of collectibles together and embed it into your website. All your media files will be automatically optimized for all browsers, screens and mobile devices and encoded in multiple resolutions for a perfect viewing experience. All of those features accessible without any particular programming knowledge required from our user.

By using our media hosting solution you are ensured that your content will not be lost among many YouTube videos, having instead an exclusive video channel for yourself, without users moving to a different creator. With Cincopa you can tag your videos and images with a watermarked logo and a business signature. Our video items are also provided with beneficial SEO features, to position your gallery in a well deserved place.

With Cincopa on your site your spectators and customers will gladly come back whenever you will upload new images or videos of your precious collection.


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