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Boosting your music career with Cincopa online solutions

Music note

Being distinguished in a music business is not an easy matter. Hundreds of young people compete with each other to be noted by producers or club owners that can offer them a chance to sell their music to the wider audience and gain recognition. At this point, apart from extraordinary music, something else is needed. This something else is good technical support in your struggle for being recognized. And nothing does it better than a good website with a solid online playlists host that can present your music and protect it from copying. We are sure that this host that will help you accomplish your goals should be Cincopa.

First of all we do not expect you to be a talented computer programmer. Music presentation solutions offered by Cincopa are easy to use and do not require any specific knowledge. You just choose one of our cool skins, upload your music file and get a simple code to embed on your website. Speaking of skins, there are eight to choose from. Every music genre musicians will find something suiting for them.

To make it even more interesting Cincopa offers their users even more control over music website skins and allows CSS edition to customize music player layout even further. Your interactive players can include playlists, album covers or images to enhance the overall impression.

            Cincopa offers you WordPress plugin to present your music with this amazing tool. Over 400 thousand downloads proves that many are happy with our software extending possibilities offered for WordPress.

This plugin allows you to access Cincopa account directly from WordPress administration panel. Adding a music player then is as easy as clicking a button on WordPress formatting toolbar.

Of course users of Joomla were not omitted and a similar plugin is offered by Cincopa. After extracting it to Joomla site a Cincopa button will appear at the bottom of editing window. There you will be able to create your music player to present your music in the best possible way.

Drupal based sites are also supported by Cincopa. After uploading file from Cincopa into modules folder a music player can be done with a single line of code generated by Cincopa application. This means that a player in Drupal can be created within minutes and without any specific programming knowledge. Your music related skins can be done by three most known website platforms without breaking a sweat.

In Cincopa with flexibility comes reliability. Apart from great and easy to use features, we are backed by a Content Delivery Network that assures reliable, fast delivery of your music files around the world. There is nothing worse than stuttering music file, especially if your musical skills are judged by your future employers or distributors. With Cincopa your file will be delivered in the best possible quality. You will have access to storage and traffic reports as well as access from any device, including newest mobile developments.

In modern world, filled with media, one of the most important aspects is standing out and keeping your listener undistracted. Using a popular video / music host may be extremely easy, but there comes a price with it. Your content may go unnoticed in the sea of other, similar music files, because even if user will encounter your file, by chance or by a redirecting link from your site, he may be tempted to try one of the other files proposed to him by your popular host. Your listener may also be distracted or even annoyed by advertisements.

With Cincopa you have much more control over what is shown to your listener. We are ads free and we do not redirect your listener to other files that are not yours. Moreover, you have complete control over the level of privacy of your music as well as the level of protection. You can make your music private and give access to it to the listeners of your choice or make it public. You will also have complete control over possibilities of downloading your content.

With Cincopa at your side, your only problem will be creating the best music that will enthrall your listeners and make your music career possible. Technical difficulties will be dealt by professional platform, leaving you with purely artistic challenges.