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What’s in new WordPress 4.1?

Just before the Christmas we received a brand new update of WordPress. The new incarnation labeled ad 4.1 brings a lot of changes, updates and new content. I’m going to underline a few new possibilities with WordPress 4.1 features here focusing mainly on those visible by the common users.

First change that strikes the user is a new default theme for WordPress named Twenty Fifteen. The theme adapts to screens of mobile phones, tablets and standard computers. It comes in six color schemes and looks neat. There is also a wide array of social icons that can be added to like and share your content.

Another feature that many users will take advantage from is a wide array of languages that WordPress 4.1 was translated into. At the moment it is 44 languages with more being on the schedule.

Developers are proud of their new function called “Distraction-free writing”. It basically fades all distractions (icons, editing tools etc.) when you start writing. Is it really that important and great feature? In my opinion that is more a problem of user’s easily distracted attention, not a problem that developers should really work on. User will still be distracted by other things that remain on his desk, by his surroundings etc. It’s not really a problem to be solved by a computer programmer but that is just my opinion.

On the other hand WordPress 4.1 changes include a very handy option that allows you to log out your profile from any other device that you previously used. This is very handy if you use a shared computer. This should become a standard in many other programs, especially social networking ones.

There are also numerous small fixes and changes with the new version. Site language may be now changed from the General Settings screen. The change makes it much easier to access. Another minor change that should be admired is spellchecking the title in the Edit Post screen.

One of the more useful changes that catches eye is inline image editing toolbar. This one will help aligning images in the post, without having to open them in media editor. Another useful function is a button on a user profile screen which clears other sessions. Another one in editing screen clears all sessions. Both are quite useful.

Another suggested solution is Plugin Recommendation. WordPress will recommend you plugins to try, based on the plugins installed by you and other users. At first sight it sounds a bit annoying, but the option does not pop up anywhere, it is hidden under “Plugins” > Recommended tab. Sounds useful.

Finally, when it comes to changes concerning users, the PSD documents (Photoshop) can now be uploaded. The change makes life of graphic designers much easier.

Last but not least WordPress 4.1 also carries numerous changes to the previous versions from 2010 to 2014. The change is major so the update will not start automatically; it has to be initiated by the user. Developer advises to make a backup of your site before making WordPress 4.1 actualization.