Boosting your music career with Cincopa online solutions

Music note

Being distinguished in a music business is not an easy matter. Hundreds of young people compete with each other to be noted by producers or club owners that can offer them a chance to sell their music to the wider audience and gain recognition. At this point, apart from extraordinary music, something else is needed. This something else is good technical support in your struggle for being recognized. And nothing does it better than a good website with a solid online playlists host that can present your music and protect it from copying. We are sure that this host that will help you accomplish your goals should be Cincopa.

First of all we do not expect you to be a talented computer programmer. Music presentation solutions offered by Cincopa are easy to use and do not require any specific knowledge. You just choose one of our cool skins, upload your music file and get a simple code to embed on your website. Speaking of skins, there are eight to choose from. Every music genre musicians will find something suiting for them.

To make it even more interesting Cincopa offers their users even more control over music website skins and allows CSS edition to customize music player layout even further. Your interactive players can include playlists, album covers or images to enhance the overall impression.

            Cincopa offers you WordPress plugin to present your music with this amazing tool. Over 400 thousand downloads proves that many are happy with our software extending possibilities offered for WordPress.

This plugin allows you to access Cincopa account directly from WordPress administration panel. Adding a music player then is as easy as clicking a button on WordPress formatting toolbar.

Of course users of Joomla were not omitted and a similar plugin is offered by Cincopa. After extracting it to Joomla site a Cincopa button will appear at the bottom of editing window. There you will be able to create your music player to present your music in the best possible way.

Drupal based sites are also supported by Cincopa. After uploading file from Cincopa into modules folder a music player can be done with a single line of code generated by Cincopa application. This means that a player in Drupal can be created within minutes and without any specific programming knowledge. Your music related skins can be done by three most known website platforms without breaking a sweat.

In Cincopa with flexibility comes reliability. Apart from great and easy to use features, we are backed by a Content Delivery Network that assures reliable, fast delivery of your music files around the world. There is nothing worse than stuttering music file, especially if your musical skills are judged by your future employers or distributors. With Cincopa your file will be delivered in the best possible quality. You will have access to storage and traffic reports as well as access from any device, including newest mobile developments.

In modern world, filled with media, one of the most important aspects is standing out and keeping your listener undistracted. Using a popular video / music host may be extremely easy, but there comes a price with it. Your content may go unnoticed in the sea of other, similar music files, because even if user will encounter your file, by chance or by a redirecting link from your site, he may be tempted to try one of the other files proposed to him by your popular host. Your listener may also be distracted or even annoyed by advertisements.

With Cincopa you have much more control over what is shown to your listener. We are ads free and we do not redirect your listener to other files that are not yours. Moreover, you have complete control over the level of privacy of your music as well as the level of protection. You can make your music private and give access to it to the listeners of your choice or make it public. You will also have complete control over possibilities of downloading your content.

With Cincopa at your side, your only problem will be creating the best music that will enthrall your listeners and make your music career possible. Technical difficulties will be dealt by professional platform, leaving you with purely artistic challenges.

Simple solutions to improve your website for spring

It’s spring time at last; time to change something in your life, time to make a spring cleaning, It may also be a good time to take a look at your website and decide how to make it better, before the good weather kicks in for good and you will be too lazy or distracted to sit and make it work better. Let’s have a look at what should be improved and how to make it happen.

First of all let’s take a look at content that is placed on your website. It would be wise to move all of your content to exclusive channels, even though this will require your own hosting. Creating your own YouTube channel is not a solution, since YouTube gives viewers chance to quickly leave your place by viewing similar content, given on the right side of screen. You want your viewer to stay as long as possible on your site and view your content, rather than giving them to the content host. They will be more prone to view your other content, even if it was not directly related to the original one that brought them to your site. Moreover, hosting your own exclusive content looks more professional. You will also get a top result in search engines, since algorithms usually know, when the content was originally published.

Staying on the subject of content, keep it simple.

Remember, that you know your website well, both from the rear and front end, but your viewer is just starting to explore it. Confuse him at the very beginning and he will not come back. Exclude unnecessary, outdated information to make it look clean and often updated. You may even want to include a date of last update on your website, but be sure to update it frequently.

While still discussing the question of managing website, be sure to place yours in a place that will ensure quick loading. Slow website means dissatisfied viewer, dissatisfied viewer starts thinking about looking for content somewhere else and that is unacceptable, especially if your website is a part of your business. Keep monitoring your host and remove unnecessary content and abundance of pictures from it, to make it faster.

Another important aspect that you should take care while improving your website is making your contact address visible. Be sure to always include one in a visible place, preferably at the top of the page on the left. Even if your website is not strictly business-like, someone might want to contact you, share feedback on your content or even propose you cooperation.

Good website management means also changing it a bit from time to time. Color scheme changes, making it look modern shows your viewers that you still care about it and have their comfort of viewing in mind. But be aware that a complete overhaul will rather confuse your viewers, especially those that come back to your site to check your past content frequently. You will have to find balance between up to date design and viewer’s habits.

While still being on a subject of changes, try to encompass into your website a responsive design. The amount of viewers using all sorts of mobile devices is more than significant, and keeping track of all of them to make your site compatible becomes a problem. Responsive site will adapt to browser site letting you spend more time on the actual content than on a layout.

Last but not least, take time to research your website. There are numerous tools in the web that can help you with getting to know your site better. Often hosts offer ways to get to know what parts of your website are used the most and which are omitted by your guests. Analyze your content and try to reshape it in a way that will respond to your user’s habits.

These are just a glimpse on what can be done to improve your website. Spring is a good time to make positive changes just as any other, treat it as a conscious excuse to get to work. Even if you do not plan to earn on your website you show your content for a purpose, because you care and want people to get to know it. Make it as pleasurable to view as possible and maybe one day you will be recognized as a leading example in the field you present.

Twenty Fifteen – neat default theme in WP 4.1

With the release of the new WordPress 4.1, the developers also (or should we say first of all) attached a new default skin, called Twenty Fifteen. What are the main differences when we equate it to the last year’s skin? Colossal is probably the best word to describe this dissimilarity. Here are some of the observations and opinions, both personal and those shared by other users.

First of all the most crucial change is one in philosophy of design. Where the last WordPress skin, Twenty Fourteen was kind of cluttered with content, the new one is clean and simple. After a more intense testing, it seems like everything is smoother, ergonomic and obvious. With Twenty Fourteen you were sometimes fighting the interface, or were surprised by it; Twenty Fifteen is way ahead of it because it is simpler. With simple design comes simple color choice, everything is either black, white or in various shades of grey. This stands in contrast to past two incarnations of WordPress, where colors played greater role. It is also a good starting point for all the new bloggers. Most of them won’t change much in the interface, the more neutral basic theme, the better.

I must admit that this simplicity fits me well. A lesson learned by the designers in the design philosophy, that fits well the target group using basic theme. Let’s take a glance at other aspects and check if the new WordPress skin is just a facial lifting or a full scale remodeling.

First thing that really made me like the new theme is how well it fits mobile devices. I was especially happy to see that the images take the whole space of the display, serving as a break between the posts.  This also means that the sidebar is not on the screen all the time but only when you need it. It can be accessed by the hamburger icon in the header of the post.

I have mentioned above a few times design philosophy and will mention it a few times more, because the consistency achieved by the designers comes back every time I want to underline new WordPress advantages. This consistency is seen in sometimes trivial details like animations. I have not noticed that immediately but animations on menus were reduced to the point where they do not tire you after some time of using. They may look great at first, but while using menus often, they become more of an obstacle that tires your eyes.

Speaking of eye fatigue, the layout is very eye friendly on the desktop. Neat design, with a lot of free space, makes searching for particular information easy on eyes. On the other hand some of the features, like footer and pagination are either too crammed or have a bit too much free space in them. This is a minor feature but still a minus in my opinion. It may be standing in contradiction to what I have said above about using the whole space of the screen on mobiles, but mobile devices are limited when it comes to display size. It is a wise choice to gently cram the most important options and abandon the white spaces on the mobile, while pursuing a different approach to the same philosophy on the desktop. This way both versions remain clean and elegant.

The whole WP 4.1 may be summed up by one word; simplicity. From here it really depends on personal preferences is this an advantage or a curse of the new WordPress default theme. Some, like me will prefer that the basic theme is simple and elegant. Others will find lack of sometimes even as basic options as changing font annoying and will quickly move to plugins, other themes, and child themes. In my opinion the new theme is just what it should be; a simple, neat, basic theme that is addressed to new bloggers. It is for those that want to start blogging without much tinkering, either because they are beginners or want a blog to be simple and functional – strictly business like. The more advanced bloggers will enjoy the neat design and philosophy standing behind it, but those seeking multiple options will have to search elsewhere.

What’s in new WordPress 4.1?

Just before the Christmas we received a brand new update of WordPress. The new incarnation labeled ad 4.1 brings a lot of changes, updates and new content. I’m going to underline a few new possibilities with WordPress 4.1 features here focusing mainly on those visible by the common users.

First change that strikes the user is a new default theme for WordPress named Twenty Fifteen. The theme adapts to screens of mobile phones, tablets and standard computers. It comes in six color schemes and looks neat. There is also a wide array of social icons that can be added to like and share your content.

Another feature that many users will take advantage from is a wide array of languages that WordPress 4.1 was translated into. At the moment it is 44 languages with more being on the schedule.

Developers are proud of their new function called “Distraction-free writing”. It basically fades all distractions (icons, editing tools etc.) when you start writing. Is it really that important and great feature? In my opinion that is more a problem of user’s easily distracted attention, not a problem that developers should really work on. User will still be distracted by other things that remain on his desk, by his surroundings etc. It’s not really a problem to be solved by a computer programmer but that is just my opinion.

On the other hand WordPress 4.1 changes include a very handy option that allows you to log out your profile from any other device that you previously used. This is very handy if you use a shared computer. This should become a standard in many other programs, especially social networking ones.

There are also numerous small fixes and changes with the new version. Site language may be now changed from the General Settings screen. The change makes it much easier to access. Another minor change that should be admired is spellchecking the title in the Edit Post screen.

One of the more useful changes that catches eye is inline image editing toolbar. This one will help aligning images in the post, without having to open them in media editor. Another useful function is a button on a user profile screen which clears other sessions. Another one in editing screen clears all sessions. Both are quite useful.

Another suggested solution is Plugin Recommendation. WordPress will recommend you plugins to try, based on the plugins installed by you and other users. At first sight it sounds a bit annoying, but the option does not pop up anywhere, it is hidden under “Plugins” > Recommended tab. Sounds useful.

Finally, when it comes to changes concerning users, the PSD documents (Photoshop) can now be uploaded. The change makes life of graphic designers much easier.

Last but not least WordPress 4.1 also carries numerous changes to the previous versions from 2010 to 2014. The change is major so the update will not start automatically; it has to be initiated by the user. Developer advises to make a backup of your site before making WordPress 4.1 actualization.


An attractive way of presenting collectibles with Cincopa hosting solutions

Having a hobby that deals with collecting cards, miniatures, coins, stamps or many other collectible objects is a great way of spending time, and in some cases, a good placing of funds. One of the aspects that collectors especially like is showing their collections to other collectors, potential buyers or just random spectators. With the ever growing possibilities of the Internet, exhibiting your precious collectibles becomes at one hand much easier, on the other competed by many other collections galleries. Whether you are a collector that just wants to show off your collection or a professional trader, living from buying and selling collectible items you certainly seek an easy and striking collectibles’ gallery. To respond to your needs Cincopa prepared a great solution that will surely fit your expectations.

It is no surprise that a simple image gallery should be a starting basis for anyone interested in presenting collection. Cincopa offers a solution that makes it as easy as possible, because we made our online solution in a way that takes technicalities away from our users and leave them only with choosing and uploading their content. All the photos will be automatically resized. Aside from choosing content, the user is left with picking one from over 40 skins for his gallery. The final step is generating a simple code that will be placed on your collectibles website. The code will be automatically changed every time you decide to add or modify your gallery of collectibles.

But how to present collectibles to stand out from many other galleries of this kind? After all you may be interested in selling your collectibles and outdoing any competition would be a part of your eBay collectibles presentation. Cincopa offers a video hosting solution that will leave your clients and spectators in love with your gallery. This way you can present videos of your valuable collectibles shown from all the sides or process of for example painting your miniatures or eye-catching shots of your collections that will draw attention of visitors. As in the case of images, Cincopa team aimed at making the process of creating a video gallery simple and time efficient. You just have to upload your content to the “cloud” drive in your Cincopa account, choose an appropriate skin that will tie your gallery of collectibles together and embed it into your website. All your media files will be automatically optimized for all browsers, screens and mobile devices and encoded in multiple resolutions for a perfect viewing experience. All of those features accessible without any particular programming knowledge required from our user.

By using our media hosting solution you are ensured that your content will not be lost among many YouTube videos, having instead an exclusive video channel for yourself, without users moving to a different creator. With Cincopa you can tag your videos and images with a watermarked logo and a business signature. Our video items are also provided with beneficial SEO features, to position your gallery in a well deserved place.

With Cincopa on your site your spectators and customers will gladly come back whenever you will upload new images or videos of your precious collection.


Top 7 video hosting services available now


The video hosting market is not as monolithic as one would think. Apart from obvious choice that everyone knows about (Youtube) there are several other video hosting services worth attention, offering plethora of options to potential users.

When choosing a video hosting service, users should ask themselves one question; what do I expect from a hosting service? Do I want to just share my videos to a wider audience; semis formally to show my hobbies, interests and gather opinions about my content? Or do I want to make a presentation aimed at specific group, profession or strictly my business partners? Even though the most often used video hosting services are available instantly, they should not be the first pick when it comes to choosing business related presentations. Here are the most popular and worth your attention choices on the market:



An obvious one, the most popular and widely used hosting service in the world. Probably the most influential video hosting site, that gave shape to the modern outlook of the whole video sharing sector. It is a free to use platform that does not require registering to watch most of the content.  If your aim is to get as many viewers as possible to watch your content, this might be the best choice. Still, the professionalism if this choice may be questionable. Advertisements and related video column may distract your viewers and lead them elsewhere. The service itself is littered with copied, unprofessional, or even explicit content. Another problem is that Youtube only supports 4 file formats and allows video to be just 10 minutes long. It seems like the amount of users that Youtube gained does not serve it well, because this hosting service forgot what it means to compete with others on the market and therefore lacks innovative, competitive solutions.



While not nearly as large as the most known hosting service, Vimeo consistently gains new users. It seems like Vimeo groups a much tighter body of users, concentrated mainly on sharing original content. The social aspect of commenting and sharing freely videos is preserved. There is no file length limit for your content, but a size limits instead, both for free and premium account 500mb and 5gb respectively.

Vimeo is a hosting site that supports over 15 video formats, what is a huge step towards good direction. But there are of course some drawbacks. Vimeo does not allow you to edit your content after the upload, compelling you to use other software for edition. It may be a good solution for posting your non businesslike content, when you do not care for crowds of users watching it.



A European answer to Youtube, Dailymotion service for video hosting offers some interesting small options not seen elsewhere. First and foremost this service allows video uploaders to make contests below their videos. This is a unique feature in contacting between uploaders and receivers. Moreover users can take part in contests with their videos and win prizes. Another interesting option from this video hosting provider is “Dailymotion Mass Uploader” that allows users to upload several videos simultaneously. The biggest drawback here is the size limit which is curbed at 150mb. The length is limited to 20 minutes.



This hosting service is on the market since 2006. Even though it may appear little, compared to the mentioned video hosting services, this company offers multitude of services and options that should not remain untold about. Cincopa offers a reliable hosting service with up to 400mb of storage and 200mb of bandwidth a month on a free account, with sizes increasing to 5gb and 7gb respectively on a premium account. What really makes this video upload service shine is the easiness of video hosting, with as much technicalities taken from the user as possible. Moreover a complete video tool solution is included, allowing working on the video material via Cincopa. Apart from videos, users can make photo galleries, music podcasts and embed videos to their websites. It looks like solution suited the most for professional and semi-professional use.



This video upload service is mostly known as an image sharing site. To surprise of many, Flickr also offers video sharing, though this is not the main aim of the site. Even though the size limit for the video is up to 1GB, the length is curbed at just 3 minutes for all kinds of accounts, making this service useful for short presentations of advertisements of quick tutorials only. The site does not offer many tools to work on the video content already on the site. It might be a good solution for those that treat video content as auxiliary for their other activities.




Another based in Europe video hosting solution. They started with managing videos for eBay and then expanded in 2012 to US, as well as widened their offer. Certainly, their cooperation with eBay made them a bit more famous, and the general positive reception of their work done on embedding videos in auction listings works well for the company.  One of the advantages of Vzaar is that it supports various audio and video formats. They even support MacOs, a feature not commonly seen in offers of other companies. There are of course disadvantages. Their player lacks social sharing button. This is a more or less standard feature and takes away an important part of the video hosting idea.




Last but not least, a company based in US that stemmed from the idea to help filmmakers collaborate online. This video hosting service proposes some quite useful tools to analyze your content on the basis of frequency of visits, offering viewer heatmaps, and compatibility with Google Analytics tools. Another advantage of Wistia is that it offers a handful of useful tools to work on the visual content within the service and a new feature that can capture emails or names within the video. As for disadvantages, free program offers only very curbed features of Wistia. The cost also works as a disadvantage for this service.

Brightcove vs. Cincopa

Free video platforms are very handy and efficient for the general public; however, for commercial websites there are much better options in the form of premium video platforms. Those platforms not only assure secure and high quality video experience but can also enhance engagement and improve marketing strategies.
Brightcove and Cincopa are professional, business-oriented, video platforms that provide comprehensive video solutions for companies around the world. They offer advanced video products and services such as customizable video player skins, credible video CDN system for hosting and distributing, mobile support and various marketing tools including SEO features, video branding, analytics integration and social sharing. Continue Reading

Best WordPress Themes for Gaming Portals and Blogs

Online gaming is one of the most popular hobbies and leisure activities. Millions of people around the world, both teenagers and grownups, share the excitement and challenge granted by lifestyle games, adventure and quest games and many other addictive computer and video games. This phenomenon has led to the creation of gamin blogs and portals; some promote the games, other offer reviews or forums, in which fans can interact. If you wish to establish such a site the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to achieve your goal is purchasing one of the top WordPress Gaming Themes, which have all the features and elements required. Continue Reading

Great WordPress Themes for Restaurants that will Get Up Your Appetite

The food industry is one of the largest, constantly changing and varied markets. The competition is huge and having a responsive up-to-date site is mandatory since lots of people are searching for food places using their mobiles. The site should function both as a detailed business card, so people can get the general feeling of the place and learn about the menus and services, as well as a working tool that enables customers to reserve place, order a take away and sometimes even pay online. Continue Reading

Are You Looking for a Car Dealer WordPress Theme?

Car dealership companies and other car selling businesses require a designated automotive website. A basic, general or an old fashioned website won’t do the trick anymore. A car dealer website should reflect elegance, modernism and credibility. Image galleries, photo sliders, and pricing tables are a few of the elementary features you must include in a car dealer website design, assuming you wish to impress your potential clients. Similarly, a responsive design is essential in order to reach the huge sector of mobile users. The best WordPress themes for car dealers provide you with all these demands and many other advanced features. Continue Reading

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